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I went Gluten free for 5 days and here is what happened…

SO a week of gluten free done. I know people always get super opinionated about stuff like this, and it always ends up as very interesting comment section, …

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  1. Great video! I’m coealic and the only thing I really miss are bread products as gf bread is crap! I won’t eat gf bread unless it’s toasted! What id five for tiger bread and a Belgian bun! Would also love to see the cake VS gf cake video as my family couldn’t tell! X

  2. Love your vids! Ok, so you quoted the scientists who state there is no science behind gluten free living in terms of feeling better, better health, etc. Well, there was never any science behind menstral cramps nor behind chronic fatigue syndrome, nor behind loads of other things because although science is based on observation, the science of health is invested in the food industry and in pushing what they want you to buy. The food pyramid given to the USA anyway was the same plan for fattening cattle, i.e. they just decide what they want to do with advising your life. Yet experience teaches us otherwise. The science world also often does *not listen to data that is real live experience, so your doc is not going to share it unless they are interested in it. …There is also supposedly no science as to why GMO foods are worse for you, yet bugs don't eat GMO crops. Why? They are telling us that the food is so altered that it is unrecognizable as edible. Truth, sadly. But the same scientists would agree with a basic earth science view that if you are to survive in the wild, you need to eat what bugs and birds eat as a sign of what is edible. It's a racket. 🙂

  3. Are walkers gluten free??? My sister coeliac so we never have walkers cos apparently they aren’t gluten free and we just get crisps everyone can eat but now I’m confused if I’ve been lied to 😂 xx
    Edit: I just remembered walkers don’t have gluten in but are made in a factory with gluten and their gluten count thingy is too high for coeliacs I think…

  4. i was gluten free for almost 3 months because my GP thought i could have coeliac disease and said to try gluten free and see if i feel any better, i did feel better but couldn't poop so it caught up to me . turns out i have IBS after a colposcopy and endoscopy so my message is just to be careful and if you can poop after a few days then stop

  5. I'm Australian and we have a strain of wheat modified to be stunted due to out extreme wet season. Normal wheat would fall over and got mouldy when wet. I believe this modification of the "gluten" is an important factor because I have foreign friends who have become intolerant only once they have moved over here.

  6. i think barley is fine to eat in a gluten free diet, my mom is gluten free and she doesn’t react badly to barley but i’m not sure if it would cause some people bad reaction if they were diagnosed celiac, just putting it out there lol x

  7. I use to work at a grocery store that had a few in store nutritionist/dietions and we were all talking one day about a customer who was convinced that gluten free stuff was so much better for you. They said that’s not really true. Take a cookie for example: a gluten free cookie is still a cookie.

    Unless you are celiac or have a gluten intolerance, I don’t see why you need to go gluten free

  8. my brother has coeliac and he's glad the country has gone gluten free mad as it means there is so much variety of gluten free food available in shops. when he was a child we would get his food from the pharmacy (his bread, biscuits, pizza bases would all be on prescription) but now he can shop in Morrisons like normal.

  9. So I clearly didn't listen properly but when Grack said "I'll be subbing where I need to" I thought she said: I'll be sobbing when I need to, and honestly, relatable.

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