I’m Gonna Tell You Why You Should Never Eat These Prepackaged Salads Tiktok: jquelly

Shorts I’m Gonna Tell You Why You Should Never Eat These Prepackaged Salads video by: jquelly (tiktok) Tags: tiktok , funny tiktok , new tiktok , tiktok music …

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  1. I think it was the salads because of a few reasons if she's saying this all right then she

    Are predominantly only salads like 9 out of 10 meals in this hard core phase

    This is 2 months

    3 no shit just worms

    It's not unlikely to say the salads were at fault. She didn't say that she did this for a few days that's 60 days.

  2. Was it possibly because that was all you were eating? Or maybe that your body can’t handle them? There are some foods I stopped eating because it would make me sick, like Chinese food and oreo’s. It might not be the salad and I might be you

  3. I have been eating healthy for a while and sometimes I get salads like that, Ive lost a lot of weight idk what she is on about. Plus the ones I get taste really good.

  4. It sounds like your kids are active and play outside a lot. You probably got worms from their dirty bodies bringing worm eggs inside. It's not as uncommon as you think, people just don't go to work and announce to the world that they got worms for obvious reasons.

    The reason you were so tired all the time is because you only ate salad. Your body needs carbs and sugars for energy, just in moderation.

  5. Everyone has some extent of parasites in us. It’s just like germs they’re everywhere. There’s no way of preventing it. Just like we have worms in our eye lashes. Whenever you get those white crusts on your eyelashes, yeah that’s worm poop. Anyways you started feeling horrible because you were starving you’re body of proper nutrition. (Brain and body). And what happens is these parasites will either die inside of you, or start trying to find alternative source of food. By eating away at essential fats, tissues and whatever nutrients they can find. Moral of the story is:
    “salads do not feed your body properly.”

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