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IMPERFECT FOODS: Giving It Another Try for Organic Grocery Subscription (April 2021) + Coupon Code

This is my 5th order from Imperfect Foods and it’s another 2 box order! Have they improved since my previous orders disasters that contained expired and …

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  1. you know what I love about your unboxing videos? I love that you are so thorough, and honest. Mostly, because I know you, I trust your opinions. The fact that you are not sponsored – (you really should be) , an if you were, I truly believe that your description of you unboxings would still be honest. Go get those sponsorships Aimee! Im looking forward to ordering from some of these companies and I am glad that I know what items are worth buying and which I should not purchase. Now, on to check out your onion soup recipe.

  2. I think you went into this looking for flaws. One spoiled lemon doesn’t mean the entire bag needs to go to the landfill. If you want cosmetically perfect food, then you won’t find them in all organic foods. Plus, they credited you for anything that wasn’t up to your standards. Imperfect isn’t my favorite service, but I try not to be super picky. I understand the whole meat situation (twice!) threw you for a loop, but I feel like you really didn’t give them another chance, since you appear to let your prior bad experience come through in your commentary. You were honest and thorough though, and the video quality is excellent!

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