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Ina Garten Teaches Me the Easiest Meal to Make While in Quarantine | Katie Asks A Friend

Food Network star Ina Garten shared with me a very simple yet absolutely delicious recipe with less than ten ingredients that anyone can make while in social …

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  1. Will try it! You are still as adorable as you were when we met on the Today Show. You were so real when you told me where you got your shirt at Banana Republic I think. Bryant was gone that day, but Stone Phillips was a great replacement. Happy New Year!

  2. Looks so good… My daughter gave me some flavored basil oil that I bet will taste yummy 😋😋 Thanks for sharing Katie ❤️ Ina is the Best. She signed one of my cookbooks some years back. Have followed her for years.. And you too for that matter. Blessings your way 🙏

  3. We love you Katie! Genuine to the last drop of that garlic lemon butter olive oil sauce! I think you approach cooking like most of us: make it work and have fun—don’t be a cooking perfectionist. I’m going to try this recipe tonight!

  4. Looks good Katie but a platter presentation would be better so you could arrange it to take the picture for Ina. Maybe a little shaved parmesan on top!

  5. Came across this and have to go back and add broccoli to my Instacart order, which hopefully will come tomorrow or Friday!! This is super easy, I think I can handle it! And thanks to Renee's comments. By the way, check out this cookbook "The 5-Ingredient Italian Cookbook" by Francesca Montillo, tried quite a few already and they're all delish, and easy.

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