Ina Garten's Vinaigrette For Green Salad | Barefoot Contessa | Food Network

Ina throws open the doors of her Hamptons home for delicious food, dazzling entertaining ideas and good fun on Barefoot Contessa. Welcome to Food Network, …

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  1. Ina, thank you for making things seem accessible and simple – your calm insistence that it’s not hard to make things, it’s just a matter of good ingredients and taking one’s time to prepare them carefully. Thank you!

  2. I just utterly adore Ina . I watched her The Barefoot Contessa all the time . But alas this show seems not to be on Food Network anymore . Please bring it back ♡ 🇬🇧👍

  3. I too prefer evoo from Cali but recent years' crop yields have been poor and their affordable oils are now mixed with olives from a couple other countries. My mother's basic dressing had no shallot or garlic or mustard, never did and never will and neither will mine I like smooth Dijon but not at all even lightly coating salad greens like in the video. You can easily sub with white balsamic vinegar or fresh lemon juice and a pinch of sweetening to balance out the tartness of the citrus. I know buying a bottle is easy to just stash in the fridge, but making it fresh takes all of two to three minutes' preparation time.

  4. It's like knowing how to "fry an egg", simple technique and a great recipe and you will be satisfied. Love Ina. I know most kids can be food picky – mine are polar opposites, Have been making a variation of this dressing for years – my oldest at three loved mescaline mix with a simple vinaigrette – and 15 years later, its still his salad of choice.

  5. This dressing can easily be translated into a lovely whole food version – omit the olive oil (which is straight up FAT) and replace with pureed walnuts or hemp seeds. I've lost 35 pounds in the last year by omitting cheese and oil from my life.

  6. The vinaigrette is great, Ina but I am surprised you recommend us to trust the lettuce washed by the store, instead of washing it at home anyway.

  7. Thank you Ina! I had no idea it was okay to place vinaigrette in bottom of bowel add greens to bowel then toss when ready to eat. Fantastic! Love your recipes, have made many with wonderful results

  8. Ina I just love you you're right vinaigrettes salad dressings to the home chef I don't know why it could be so brutal it really takes a lot to get the nerve up to make either or so this by you showing me and I see the elements of Cole Vita I'm like I know that brand this is simply the best you're the best I am going to do this with full confidence with you backing me I know I can do it love you Ina or whoever's listening to this or reading it I should say thank you from out here and beautiful San Francisco California

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