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Instant Gluten Free Lunch Recipe For Weight Loss – Millet Recipes – Bajra Chilla | Skinny Recipes

gluten free lunch recipe for weight loss, bajra chilla is a great way to have a filling nutrient dense meal for lunch or dinner. Gluten free bajra chilla recipe for …

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  1. Hi mam.. love all ur recepie.. many ppl say tat.. shd avoid coconut consumption… As South Indian i don't agree.
    Pls tel me do and don't in fresh coconut consumption. How much grams are allowed to eat in day

  2. Please don't spread the foolish fad that gluten free is more healthy. Unless you are sensitive to gluten ( proved medically WITH symptoms ) there is absolutely no advantage in avoiding gluten . Gluten sensitivity in Indian / subcontinent people are extremely rare .

  3. Namaste mam, I am a fan of your recipes. I am a student and I live away from home. Your recipes help a lot , not only they r delicious but also they are healthy.
    For this Baajra cheela recipe I couldn't find baajra flour, so I soaked Baajra poha (millet flakes) in some warm water until soft and then removing the excess water I mashed the poha and it got almost like kneaded dough. Then I added the vegetables and made the cheela as you told in the video, I must say it turned out to be really tasty. Thank you once again. Regards.

  4. Thanks Mam for the recipe, love ur videos,small request pls try to include name of the major ingredient which u have done here in the title for instance here bajra, it will help while re-watching or re-searching for a particular recipe

  5. I have a doubt wheather u r a serious dietitian bcoz ….we should not consume pickel itself ..i daily adding pickle in ur food it will cause serious carcinogens in ur body and u will die soon bcoz of that chemaical

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