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  2. They dont sell organic kale where I live, especially when I eat the kale salad BUT i wash them THOROUGHLY AS I can. Havent had any type of symptoms so far. So I have to consume conventional until my kale plants are ready.

  3. Thanks for all that you do! I'm glad that you're covering apples. I stopped eating apples 1 yr ago after learning that organic apples were being spayed with 1mcp gas to preserve them up to 1 yr in cold storage after being harvested. Being a former trucker, I used to pick up fruits from cold storage unaware that apples (and so many other fruits & veggies like pears, avocados, etc) had been in storage for so long because of this preserving chemical. To make matters worse, they can still be labeled as organic. What are your thoughts about this? Thanks again & blessings to you!

  4. But don't they put wax on apples to make them look good in the grocery store nice and shiny. So what do you think about peeling off to her before you eat an apple just saying safer than sorry.

  5. i bought a small cantaloupe form sam club . I left it in the cabinet and the cantaloupe exploded it was non organic .I think it was the pesticide that cause it people please be-careful

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