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Italian Moms Try Vegan Lasagna For The First Time

Will Merle’s vegan lasagna win over these Italian moms? Try the recipe for yourself …

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  1. Remember God loves you😊
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    Please change your life around and repent of your sins before it's too late🤗

  2. As good as you can make it, the vegan lasagne will never taste as the originals. The good news is, you can make delicious lasagne with pretty much every kind of vegetable, there’s no need to try to replicate the ones with ragù or other meat. I personally fancy vegetable lasagne more: artichokes, pumpkin, radicchio, zucchini..

  3. I feel like the ones that are rude in videos like these are mostly Americans. Most cultures are well mannered and do not become rude and competitive but this is just my opinion

  4. Vegan cheese is the MOST FOUL CONCOCTION EVER! I had vegan pizza just 2 try it out with the same toppings I always get from my favorite Italian restaurant. It ruined an otherwise good pie. It made me angry. 🙄

  5. So vegans go out of their way to create similar dishes that contain animal products. How about you create new dishes that are vegan and not recreations of non vegan dishes, for that eat meat 😑

  6. Right, now my question is; how much did it cost to make the vegan vs a meat lasagne? Because in my experience it is certainly possible to eat a tasty vegan diet, but the groceries cost triples. And your cholesterol goes up, but that is neither here nor there.

  7. How can vegan be greasy?? Usually grease would come from fat, from meat,, but the lasagna looked really good. They were all willing to try it, and it was fun to watch!

  8. As vegan, I really appreciated that these women tried on vegan lasagna even though it's not as authentic as the original one. But I believe there's room for improvement when it comes to textures. It just takes time.

  9. Vegan food will never taste like real meat I’m sorry it’s just facts … and it’s not meant to taste the same because it’s NOT THE SAME

  10. Older laddy. I dont like it much, because it's too sweet.
    Me: hmm ok. I can imagine the taste n see y u dnt like it.
    Younger lady: I dont like it. (Looking for a reason) oh. I can tell it's Vegan. Cheese doesnt melt. Im giving it a 4.
    Me: ok. But the taste? How's the sauce? The meat? What in ur opinion is wrong with it other than it's vegan? 😆

  11. Just because someone doesn't like something doesn't mean they aren't minded. They're older and used to what they're used to. It doesn't happen overnight. I'm allergic/sensitive to almost everything and my food is bad to some. Only time it pisses me off is when they assume it's made from cardboard.

  12. Lol my Sicilian friend made a vegan lasagna and her grandmother threw it away and said something in Sicilian that she brought shame to the family and to the country of Sicily. Lol man I thought it wasn’t bad.

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