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Italian Sausage Spaghetti – Food Wishes

There are basically three ways you can do Italian sausage and spaghetti. Two of those ways are very popular, and perfectly acceptable. This recipe features the …

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  1. This is a great recipe but it does require some adjustment for glass top stoves. The setting has to be at the lowest setting possible. I added oregano and finely chopped celery. I used Italian spicy sausage. Super flavor.

  2. First, nice Dave Righetti shoutout! As a Yankees fan, I actually saw his no-hitter on the Fourth of July 1982, and rooted for the Giants by proxy when he was their pitching coach.

    Second, I used this recipe successfully with turkey Italian sausage with no added oil. Just make sure to use a raw sausage and not a cooked one.

  3. WOWWOWWOW. Great to view your video. Always a hit. Clearly explained. No talking "over" the viewers. REAL cooking. A lot of the "whys" of what you do and use. You have "forced" me to become your latest subscriber..

  4. I made this for myself and my family this evening. One of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever tasted and definitely the best one I’ve ever made myself. Thank you so much Chef John!

  5. I do my own with homemade sausages, but I decided not to use tomatoes anymore… I blanch some roughly chopped onions in the chopped roasted sausages' fat. I chop some rehydrated dried porcinis. When my pasta (usually fettucine) are "al dente", I pour them in my frying pan, add a bit of the cooking water and the porcini chunks. Close to the end when liquids have quite totally evaporated, I stop the cooking, add an egg yolk and a good handfull of fresh grated parmesan… It's a killer 😉

  6. The best instruction in a cooking video ever… "How much flavor is that going to add. Well I can't tell you exactly but I do know it's more than none." Golden!

  7. Ciao Bello… Ma una cosa…. Heat up a sautepan then transfer naked pasta over and then add sauce in a little bit at a time
    …with some pasta water. I'm sorry But you know that. and I can't help it 😭

  8. Couldn't you do the same sausage chunk afi cation technique to feed six people with only four sausages by cutting them each six ways instead of four? Would the the thinner cut sausages fall apart?

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