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IYENGAR HOMESTYLE Breakfast At TKS IYENGAR’s |UNIQUE DISHES! Nuchinna Unde, BaleEle Idli, Hayagreeva

VegetarianBreakfast #AuthenticBreakfast #GourmetOnTheRoad TKS Iyengar’s must-visit for authentic Iyengar dishes. Three Generations Family Recipes, …

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  1. I visit this eatery that serves homestyle Iyengar fare for a late breakfast and taste an array of dishes, some hitherto unseen in restaurants, such as the Nuchinna Unde, Halubai, Hayagreeva (originally prepared as a temple offering), Ottu Shavige and more. Let me know which were your favourite dishes in the comments below. Enjoy!
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  2. The presenter I am sorry food lovers I dont know his name but is very good. The presenter's presentation is so detailed and very very good specially when he goes Ammmmmm….. 🤤… he makes the food look so mouth watering… Ammm. 👌👌 the show reminds me and makes me miss Indian food. I m not frm South India but it still makes me pine and drool over Indian food.

  3. Basically your chanel is limited to south India and Bengaluru. If u r really a food travel around north east and west india. Show us the variety in foods around India. Not always idli dosa sambar and military hotel always..I told What I felt missing in ur chanel..

  4. Hi
    I have visited Mysore branch. Except one thing everything is perfect. When the family visits we found difficult to get seats. Plz do something.
    All the best to TKS team.

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