Jason Lee Empathizes With Tahiry Jose After Crying Over Peasant Salad in Viral Video

Hollywood Unlocked is a multimedia platform that takes a multicultural approach to unlocking Hollywood. By leveraging Jason Lee’s close relationships with …

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  1. Haiti is the entire island..but we gave portions of the island to Hispanic blacks for freedom as slaves from the Spaniards. Overtime DR has encroached more of the island bc of haiti political and economic turmoil

  2. I am sorry I know being fat is not healthy but Jason looked better before the weight loss…his head to big for a skinny body & he literally looks like a bobblehead…everybody don't look right skinny🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Sorry Blu not with you on this Peasant is straight disrespect IDGAF if its called NOW a Greek salad. If someone called you a peasant its insulting and means you're beneath them.

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