Jeannie’s Easy Cucumber Salad Recipe

Real fam, what healthy dishes are you making during quarantine?

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  1. This something I just want to share…..
    I always wash 🧼 🧽 my 🍉 🍎 🍌 fruits and 🌶 🌽 🍅 veggies and 🍖 🥩 meats with vinegar and or lemon 🍋 juice 🥤 or lime juices 🥤 and hot 🥵 water 💧 💦 .
    The acids cleans 🧼 🧽 washes off the bacteria 🦠 germs 🦠 washboff of it and you can use baking 🥤 soader. It’s always better to be safe then 😐 sorry. I remember when people was eating that cantaloupe 🍈 and they were dying. Then they trace back from where the cantaloupe 🍈 came from and ship 🚢 from and they found out the machines that the cantaloupe 🍈 was on was not cleaned. So it had bacteria 🦠 on the machine which was on the cantaloupe 🍈 and the people who brought it out the stores 🏬 who didn’t 🧼 🧽 wash and clean it they died. Same thing with a woman 👩🏽 a mother who didn’t wash 🧼 🧽 clean off her 6pack of pop cans and her and her family drink out of those cans on their boat 🚣‍♂️ and the woman 👩🏽 died because rats 🐀 had peeped on the pop cans before they were sold. So be careful and practice 🧼 🧽 cleanness safety. Even with your can Good your Refrigerator and pantry products just everything you buy and bring home 🏡. Check expiration dates and even when opening things expect it first. And be a very good inspector for everything you buy even none foods. Also stickers and receipts ,that is sold on everything including fruit 🍉 🍌 🍎 ‘s 🍅 🌶 🌽 veggies and 🍖 🥩 meats and everything keep the stickers and bar codes. Just in case of emergency 🚨 if someone get sick 😷 or you fine something in the product or you or anyone have allergic reactions. You can prove where you bought it from and it can be track back to where it came from. My son went to Walmart and bought me two bundles of bananas 🍌 ‘s and brought them home 🏡 to me. I saw blood at the end of the banana 🍌 and the store did nothing. So I googled Walmart bananas 🍌 with blood in them and other people went through the exact same thing. So be aware, be safe and clean 🧼 🧽 and practice cleanliness and safety with everything. Just like it’s important to wear protection it’s also important to protect everything you buy and bring 🏡 home and your health is very important.

    ( Cassandra Latija Nelson)

  2. Being a Trini girl……..I eat a lot of this type of salad (we call it a "chow" …… mangos, apples, pineapples, tomatoes… many fruits! I like the touch of the sesame seeds; I've recently started using the "everything bagel" seasoning too as a topper, love the tip from Mama Mai on the peppers…bout to do may little cucumber salad now. 🙂

  3. One of the greatest things that's come out of this whole quarantine situation is the opportunity for stronger bonds with whomever your couped up with frfr. It's really a blessing!

  4. I made this last night minus the hot sesame oil, the fruit seasoning and sesame seeds. I let it marinate over night and literally I sat and ate the entire serving in one sitting. It was soooooo good. Wow!!! Ready to make more!!!

  5. Love the salad I put avocados tomatoes and shrimp in mine if I have to shrimp…. But I J and u should go on Hot ones the show with the hot wings.

  6. I've never been an admirer of cucumbers. Always were bland to me. I tried this recipe and now I am in love with cucumbers like never before. I even did what Jeannie said what Jeezy does, and ate the whole batch I made. Now, I need to find a bf to serve this too also 😉

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