Joe Biden tells media "words matter" as his gaffes continue to pile up

Former Vice President Joe Biden is accusing reporters of not understanding his words on the campaign trail, after he asked voters to imagine what would have …

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  1. It hard to understand STUPID BIDEN…SHOULD NEVER RUN FOR PRESIDENT WHEN YOU KNOW YOU CAN HANDLE THE WORK OR THE PRESSURE! Go knit some sweater old man and leave the running of this country who knows how to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP 2020!

  2. Joe Biden is a beacon of moisture we all need as a collective. He’s been riding the line from day one. His character, aptitude and general unwavering demeanor is without a doubt. The grass roots support for him as an established candidate will trickle up, now and forever amen 🙏🏻

  3. Im surprised the VICE employee wasn't busy taking acid while learning to throat sing in a bangkok barber-brothel.

  4. It’s sad. He literally has all of the telltale signs of dementia. These aren’t gaffes, they’re signs of cognitive decline. The confusion anger is obvious in multiple instances.

  5. The polls are actually showing Biden winning everywhere. Having a déjà-vu this huge can't be healthy to the human brain… Or maybe I am Joe Biden? NOW it suddenly all starts to make sense!

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