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Join Our NEW FullyRaw AND Vegan Health & Fitness Challenge! 21-Day New Year Program

Join our NEW FullyRaw AND Vegan Fusion 21-Day Health & Fitness Challenge here: ❤ Please follow my Instagram at …

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  1. I must say I love this idea of raw and vegan it's a brilliant idea as I do want to make the change but going raw for a day is ok for me and sometimes in the summer months but its getting my brain around every day, if I could do the two I think your onto something here I will download your ebooks if you have one and try out your recipes I think this is a very good idea for people like myself. And one more thing you always look happy in your videos but I have never, never, never seen you smile so much .you look very beautiful together. God bless.

  2. Your Hair Looks sooooo much Healtheir, even from the past videos… Have you been doing something different? Also, I'm soo Happy to see you Happy with Cash. A Good Relationship I feel is helping your grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, and you just seem Healthier overall!!!….

  3. Sorry but this video damn near gave me a seizure with all the flashing and quick pics flipping so fast…I had to stop it half way through.

  4. You are inspirational to eat healthy . I was wondering if you could come with recipes for lotus seeds . Also make Nepali inspire raw vegan recipes ?
    Love you 🙏❤️
    Aadilachmi Khatiwoda..

  5. Kristina the two of you are so beautiful together. You have a different glow and its wonderful. Cant wait to see your first beautiful baby after your wedding photos.

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