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Juicy MEATBALL RECIPE – How to Cook Italian Meatballs

Our go-to Meatball Recipe. Find out our secrets to big and juicy homemade meatballs. They are make-ahead and freezer friendly which makes them perfect for …

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  1. Perfect recipe! I’m Italian 😜 the only difference from my receipt is that I put the bread in milk instead water and if I cook them in a pan with oil I roll them in grated bread , if I cook them with tomato I dump them with tomato sauce in the instant pot and they turn amazing 😉😘 your recipes are always great! Thank you for sharing 😘

  2. We had a neighbor lady that brought some of these over for an engagment party. We had about 50 guests and she must have brought 200 meatballs. These things were terrible, we found them stuffed in the couch, chairs, lamp shades, some in the potted plants, some even outside under the shrubs. How anyone could make a nasty tasting thing like this is beyond me. I hope she is never asked to come to a party again. At least not bring anything. wheweeeee.

  3. Hi Nathasha. I believe after browning the meat on stove top..we should cook them in oven for inside the meatballs to cook properly…meat balls are thick..round and I find your inside meat balls white…not even pink….
    Just an idea.

  4. Stay at home father/hubby here and i just wanna thank you so much for coming through with awesome and easy recipes. My 5 year old and wife are super picky so its hard for me to make a lot but everytime i follow your recipes Im head chef in my house lol. Thanks 👍

  5. These turned out amazing! Soft with that nice outer crisp and flavorful. Thank you for the recipe. I mixed the bread with milk instead of water and used dried parsley because I didn’t have fresh. Served it with homemade marinara and linguine. So tasty!

  6. I recommend after the browning process. Put some chicken stock in it and deglaze the pot and put the meatball back in till most of the chicken stock has simmered down. It will create a moister meatball with a even wider range of taste with the combination of the beef and pork and the juices from initial browning process will incorporate into the meatball.

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