KETO Chicken Salad | Easy Keto Lunch Recipes

Keto Chicken Salad is one of my favorite low carb lunch recipes! It’s easy to make, and it’s so delicious too! Plus, this healthy chicken salad recipe is a perfect …

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  1. Low-carb, sure. But I doubt there's 75% fat in there.

    Looked it up, it's 50% if I'm not mistaken. Guess I'll add a little more mayo then!

  2. That looks tasty and perfect for the warmer days! Plus easy, what could be better? As always, thank you for including measurements in grams — that's super helpful!

  3. I’ve always been in the lookout for the best chicken salad and this is way up there! Just made half the recipe because it makes a hugeeee batch, lol…it’s visually beautiful too w the shredded chicken, half moon celery, and orange bell pepper I had… thanks, Joe! Your name should be Keto Chef… diet gives most people a wrong connotation (tho diet itself is a good word, lol)

  4. We buy a small whole organic chicken, throw it an Instant pot with some onions and what not to make chicken bone broth/soup. Then with the left over "gross" boiled chicken breast we make something similar to this.
    I will try your recipe for sure, it looks tastier!
    Point is: Not only can you food prep, but you can also have a lot of bone broth also.

  5. This is probably a stupid question to some but not to me and others. When using the baby bell peppers in salads, do you deseed them? I ask because I am new to buying baby bell peppers and so far I am deseeding all of them and it's a pain in the process.

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