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KETO DINNER IDEAS | WHAT’S FOR DINNER ON KETO? | EASY KETO RECIPES | Suz and The Crew Here’s a whole week of keto and low carb friendly meal …

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  1. I have gotta say, your food looks absolutely delicious, once the lockdown is lifted I will be moving into my own home and cannot wait to cook these meals wow. Please keep posting, definitely subscribing 🙂 thank you x

  2. Newbie here! I'm new to cooking as well… This sounds so good! Thanks for sharing! I think I want to learn more keto recipes during this "shut down." Thank you again!!! Subscribed! <3

  3. Look like great recipes. On the fish with the canola oil…you could have just rinsed the fillets to remove as much of the canola oil off as possible to mitigate and replace the seasoning and oil with better as needed. JMHO

  4. I love chicken leg quarters!!! All the food looks amazing! I've never had leeks before and I love Vidalia onions. My ex-father-in-law introduced me to them. He cut one in half and took the center out of it and then melted butter in the center of it and served it to me like that. OMG! it was so good.

  5. I love a good sale meat…. it tastes nicer I am sure! I still havent got avocado oil and swore that I would the last time you mentioned it. I love love love the flavour of leeks. I will eat leek soup that I make with stock and leek…… it sounds drab but I absolutely love it 😍. Slow cooked meat. I say the longer its cooked the better! Some of what puts me off about keto is all the prep it needs and cooking in a diff way. The quick recipe is something that I could maybe start with xx

  6. Oh no, I hope your kiddos feel better soon! I remember dealing with all the sickness when our boys were in preschool too. These are all great recipes, Suz!❤️

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