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KETO MEATBALLS | gluten free | keto dinner recipe

These easy low carb Italian meatballs are a great option if you are following a keto or gluten free lifestyle. They come together quickly and are a great staple to …

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  1. Great job Olyvia. Now you got me hungry for meatballs. Way to go. They look delicious. Uhm I totally expect this to be one of the meals I’m served when we come visit you!! Actually, you have no choice in the matter! Ok, now I have to go eat some junky food while I’m upstate. So depressing. Thanks for that Lyv! 😁

  2. Your grandma and great grandma taught me how to make meatballs when we were kids—this is a wonderful tribute to them and looks delicious! I can’t wait to try this generation’s rendition. Wonderful video. I love it!

  3. Hello. I loved the video so much! I've been trying to find for YouTube video that really breaks down everything in this vid. 👏Your explanation is like the videos from this awesome med student Doctor Ethan! Doctor's demonstrations are really informative and I really learned a lot for wellness!

    I suggest you see his YT out and give the med student a subscribe! 👉 #DoctorEthanQuestions

  4. Omg Olyvia I’m so happy for you ! You’ve been wanting to start your food YouTube channel for years. I’m so impressed with this video it looks so professional and official, so proud of you!! ❤️

  5. This is probabaly going to go completely against your keto stuff so you may not be able to do it BUY…. boyyyyy would I love to watch you make those incredible, best tasting, most amazing, coffee cupcake muscarpone pieces of heaven that you always used to make. I think about them often LOL

  6. I'm excited this is so fun to watch. I have always enjoyed tasting your food! Great video quality. You did awsome with editing! I have no idea how to do this stuff. 🙂

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