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Kick off a Healthy 2020 | 1 hour Mega Mix

The best Healthy recipes from the archives all laid back to back in an hour long mega mix!! Perfect to watch while pounding the miles on the treadmill to work up …

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  1. Me encanta todo lo que hace pero es una lástima que no entiendo su ingles …aunque é hecho algunos de sus guisos que son excelentes ….algunos ingredientes no se como se llama sobre todo los condimentos que usa ….x favor usen subtítulos en español latino

  2. The baked-beans guy has a really sexy neck! WHY the mullet? WHY? I've seen enough adult entertainment (and had enough personal experience) to notice a curious correlation between flat-tipped noses and giant wangs. Sorry, folks. For once, I'm not watching for the food.

  3. Great that you cook without meat! But so sorry to know that for cheese, milk, the male calves have to die, or right away or after some years as a 'meat production unit', so in that way not vegetarian, a new way of looking at vegetarian I am afraid and sad myself (the rennet not being from calves is, in fact, a minor detail)

  4. Veggie Bolognese….. Classic! I use this recipe nearly every week, when home.👌 So easy to cook, tastes amazing and my kids love it.

  5. The most all of food, at first looks, and tastes, as well as nutritional meals…. Reason it is what it that, without looking s of food, not much in desire to get near to the foods…. Yes. Processing to cooking food much more important than and other t8me necessary….. And now, remember, are you all ready to cooking in your kitchens?

  6. Okay. Now, let me participate on these cooking journey…. First of all, it is not about food material at this point forward…. Better yet, it is about cooking processes of foods…. And depending upon how and when what materials of food enters in the pots, will be changes with such tastes…. Of corse with heating temperature really matters….

  7. On the corn chowder recipe, he puts the milk in early on. Now, I was told that bringing milk to a boil curds it. How much can you boil milk before it goes bad?

  8. I think I've got the very same skillet Jamie's using! Sadly, I lack his talent with what it put in it. I love his videos; they give me lots of ideas for new meal combinations.

  9. "Perfect to watch while pounding the miles on the treadmill to work up an appetite!"
    Isnt that counterproductive?
    You want to loose weight and then watch this to get those calories back on again?`haha

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