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KOREAN STREET FOOD Egg Bread Recipe 🥚🍞easy & delicious!

Make Korean egg bread or Gyeran-ppang! I tried this popular Korean street snack at Myeongdong night market in Seoul, Korea, and wanted to recreate it.

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  1. I enjoy watching your videos. So perky, cute and funny. I was thinking that maybe crispy bacon bits would be better to sprinkle and perhaps using a corn meal mixture. With the corn egg muffin, I thought of jalapenos or pimentos would make it more tasty. Its all good. Keep on doing good work. Thanks.

  2. When you said oh no a shell. It sounded like the sound clip I’m the Mario game when Mario dies and goes beneath. I was almost wanting you to add that in there.

  3. Good to see a fresh dose of cupof(q)tj. I'm glad you are well enought to keep putting out quality content. Depression is a terrible thing and so widespread right now.

  4. The egg bread looks so good TJ! I love watching your street food vlogs, and it’s so nice to see you teach us how to make some of the street food items 😍 I saw this egg bread when I was in korea, now I’m wishing I would have tried it. 😭

  5. Ahhh very nice job! You did great! The egg bread looks amazinggg haha we might have to try this today or this weekend! Keep it up!

    We also do similar vlogs on our channel, stop by and if you enjoy our content, subscribe! We’ll reciprocate the support of course. Appreciate ya, love.

  6. Failed for tapioca pearls. But a BIG SUCCESS for korean bread! Congratulations 👏😽😍
    I really love your sense of rumor. 😂 and I wanna have your merch! 🥰😘

  7. I kind of think it is odd that you put sugar and vanilla if it is meant to be bread, I would probably just add a little salt.. but I guess I have never tried the original dish, might try both ways.

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