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Korean style curry fried rice with chicken (Kare-bokkeumbap: 카레볶음밥)

I’m going to introduce you to an easy, fast, and delicious lunchbox item today. It’s a one-bowl meal: stir-fried rice with chicken, …

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  1. Hi emmonim! Funny how I really thought that I already invented my original recipe since I am head over heels with curry fried rice recently lol. Then I bumped to this video of yours, I almost celebrated hahahahahahahaha

    I am so in love with this dish by the way.

  2. Yayieie thank you for this more content to comee yayeieie snaa soon mameet kitaaa collab tayo soon haa 🥰😍❤️🇵🇭✨😂😍😍❤️🥰😘🥰❤️🤣✨😘🥰😍yayeieie wwhahah Godbless you xoxo wahah keep posting moreeee yayeieieie tour moko diaaann haaaa

  3. Annyeong, ajumma!! 💖 I'm not korean but have always loved korean dishes! Now that I cook, I've been trying out different korean recipes and your channel is my favorite!! ^^ your recipes are the best and I always look for your recipe when I'm trying a new korean dish to cook… aaaa~ i just wanna say my appreciation! Thank you as alwayysss~ 정말 많이 사랑해

  4. I enjoyed watching ur cooking and i find u cute speaking with ur accent and ur good, sweet personality is super convincing to try all ur cooking! I luv Korean Food…I’m getting hungry!😋😂

  5. Dang It!
    I jus used up my last Green Pepper day before yesterday!
    Now I hafta wait another week to try this!
    Serves me right, for not checkin' ingredients beforehand.

  6. Any substitute for the Korean curry powder. Also, what can I use instead of Kimchi?? This is not available in my country. Thank you by the way for this awesome recipe, Maangchi!

  7. I can't find kimchi ANYWHERE where I live. I'm about to order some Mother In Law Kimchi, or just make my own. If anyone has good links for korean pepper flakes or other ingredients for it, please leave links in reply, thanks!

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