BLACKPINK #SourCandy #Chromatica More BLACKPINK Reactions – FIRST …

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  1. Literally broke down the KOR translation into ENG by fitting each phrase to each note:
    Ask me to be nice, and then I'll do it extra mean
    Tteutbakkui pyojeong hanae neon danghwanghagetji
    (Feeling expectations of the awkwardness you'll see)
    Bissan cheogiran maldeullo nal pojanghan geon neoya, neoya
    (Wrap me around your finger with your loving words, is this a facade? Oh ya?)
    If you wanna fix me, then let's break up here and now
    Georikkim eomneun nunbiche neon georil dunikka
    (Keep your gaze upon me from a distance, this is how)
    Tuk kkabomyeon eogimeopsi sorijilleowa uh huh, uh huh
    (There's no need to hide from your exposè, keep on screaming! Uh-huh, uh-huh)

  2. I know you really like teddy….do you know that in 2009, lady gaga invited teddy to work with her but teddy didn't accept the offer because at the time he wanted to focus on 2ne1 debut album…

  3. I literally binge watched all your blackpink's song reaction after seeing this.. You are awesome bro, i am overwhelmed how you appreciate kpop most especially my favorite girls,Blackpink and how you love our queen lisa ♥️ thats my baby too!!
    Your girlfriend is so cute! I love how she supports you 😍. Welcome to BLINK fam 👌

  4. 👋🏻hello, I give you information about the kpop groups that you will love 🤗
    reaction to

    1. Cix – numb
    2.Cherry bullet -hands up
    3.Cravity -break all the rules
    4. Too – magnolia
    5.Gfriend – fever
    6. Victon – howling
    7. Dia -woowa

  5. You two are becoming my fave reactors! You guys don't over or under react and if you don't like something or criticize it's always with respect and never hate, love you both and as a music obsessed person I love reactions that don't just react but also dive into the song and lyrics. If you have a chance pls react to Camila Cabello live performances she has amazing vocals and recently did a mini concert yesterday and no joke her live vocals always outshine the studio versions of her songs and I think she's one of the best artists today❤ streaming Sour Candy til the comeback

  6. Although Rose' absolutely wrecked me and her voice fits pop so well all the girls and Gaga served vocals and I hope we get a MV ugh I wish the song was longer but anyway the girls killed it 🥰 btw Gaga did amazing in the movie and the oscar was for the music but man she did amazing acting 😍 the potential breakup song is a bop for all time. React to CNCO they're a Latin boyband and the first boyband to have 1 billion views on a MV on YouTube, I think you guys will love them too❤

  7. Ive been waiting for this song for so long, feels its been a decade lol.. its awesome… it will be my new jump…. absolutely I will listen to this song while Im cleaning, working, eating, and I will get more power in my everyday activity… LOL… oH and I will even wake up with this song… so excited…

    Blackpink will comeback on june… I hope you will check out their music then.. Im so excited….

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