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  1. The best idea I ever had was when I renovated a kitchen and kept the old dishwasher but added a new one. I never put up dishes in the cabinet. One had clean dishes. One had dirty dishes. It was great.

  2. Wow. You’ve had horrible luck with dishwashers. We still have the one our place came with 12 years ago and it’s at least 20 years old. Looks like the plastic 90’s dishwashers but still trucking along and we run it everyday.

  3. I had to smile when you said that you can have all seasons in a week. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. We always say you never know what the weather 2ill be as we can have all seasons in a day. This morning where I live it was overcast and the dark grey clouds were looming. I decided to hang my washing inside as I had to go out for hours so I couldn't watch out for rain to get the washing in quickly. While out the sun started to beam down and it was really hot. The weather is so crazy sometimes. Xx

  4. Jamerrill I watched the other Mom's cook for large families and FYI I enjoy your channel the BEST!!! I have grown accustomed to your voice, your style, you are so laid back, yet relaxed and organized and your meals look yummy, not mush. Sorry other Mommy's. Jamerrill WINS!!! And so inspirational…Thx.

  5. I can just watch your videos for hours 😆 We actually live a similar lifestyle, as far as Jesus, Gardening, meal planning. I am living the farminglife through you though. We have some fencing up for animals but we have not gotten that far. It's not looking like we will be getting to that after seeing what season we are in biblically. Anyways keep going girl you are amazing! However don't forget to put your feet up and remember it doesn't all have to get done today… It's a great Moto👈 anyways blessings to you in Jesus name♥️


  6. Not pregnant but I would LOVE a pot of nice & easy homemade tomato soup just for me ! I am the only one in my fam who likes it so won't even need to share, LOL =) Thx for the idea!! ❤

  7. I have 4 and 1 reg eater 1 lactose on gluten free. I did your breakfast burritos and they liked them so I will do more of your recipes as you teach me how to bulk up on food items. Thank you.

  8. A tip for all: if you get a greasy spot on your clothing 1) dab between 2 paper towels it cloths 2) sprinkle with a good layer of baby powder 3) press into surface 4 ) gently shake of excess 5) leave sit at least over night 3-6 days is fine 7) brush of powder vigorously 8) launder as usual with stain remover if needed. I’ve even been able to wear a garment without laundering. Most of the time no pre-treatment needed. It’s amazing!

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