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LARGE FAMILY MEALS ON VACATION 🏖 EASY RECIPES, Sheet Pan Breakfasts, Instant Pot Dinners, lots!

It’s time for LARGE FAMILY MEALS on vacation! During our 2 weeks at the beach, we had easy meals! We made Instant Pot dinners, sheet pan breakfasts, …

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  1. Saving for future reference lol! We go to a Christian resort in FL in a few months and I will be cooking every day to save $ ❤️ with a family of 7 eating out just costs way too much

  2. Wow talk about feeding an army. I have 4 kids myself and I thought we eat lots but you girl are on a whole other level! Amazing ness through and through!!!

  3. One of my favorite things is to lay in bed at night, and binge watch your videos until I fall asleep. It sounds kind of weird, but it's really helped with the horrible insomnia I developed after losing my dad a couple months ago.

  4. Fun project idea with the kids!!!!! Let them paint the sea shells with pretty summer colors and display in a pretty bowl or glass container with a lid.

  5. I love the Aldi take and bake pizza. I don't use a pan. I slide them straight on to the oven rack. I find the crust gets crispier that way.

  6. Mom’s are amazing multitaskers! Holding a baby, feeding a baby, cooking breakfast, drinking coffee, filming a video, oh and doing some laundry! I love it! 🥰

  7. Wow you have been doing a great job spoiling your family with good health y meals during the entire time ,I am really interested in your stories, your a swell person,

  8. I just discovered you and wanted to encourage you that even though I never heard you complain, it must be exhausting on vacation these days….but it gets BETTER! My youngest of 7 kids is 17 yo and the older 4 boys are married. We go to the beach every year with my dad, brother, and a few more extended family. Our kids take turns cooking dinner for the whole crew and it's such a blast! They are practically chefs and I love tasting their cooking. Just something for you to look forward to!❤️

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