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Late Night Snacks pt. 2

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  1. This is a whole dinner midnight snack is you wake up at 12:34 am some how hungry you go to your. Kitchen that looks like nobody cleaned it in days then you go in your pantry and get yourself some lay’s chips or one of those instant foods yeet it in the microwave wait a minute then eat bc it’s not a midnight snack if your literally taking out the seasoning some chicken and turning on the stove at midnight your supposed to be vary tired so you don’t want to do all that extra stuff. ⚫️➖⚫️

  2. Me: minding my own business making myself a midnight snack with a coffee maker, toaster, mixer, grinder, deep fryer, dryer and washer.

    Mom: 0.o
    What're you doin?

    Me: just making midn-

    Mom: grabs slippers

    Me: runs for life and end up in russia and starts new life.

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