Vegan Recipes

LAZY VEGAN RECIPES… DON'T GO OUTSIDE LOL (Easy Vegan Pantry & Freezer Recipes)

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  1. Just made the soup 🥣 had everything in my pantry and freezer … except veg bouillon, veg stock, and veg broth …. used spices and salt still cane out soooo yummy 😋 going to have it with a vegan grilled cheese sandwich. Great video !

  2. Sorry did I hear you say you were having some friends over to help you eat the food you made? What happened to social distancing? Ha ha Kidding aside, thanks for sharing your recipes. They look yummy and healthy.

  3. Hey! I watch your videos all the time for recipes/tips/etc and really enjoy them! I would love to have a YouTube channel like this and think I’d be fab at it but I just don’t have time 🤣 thank you for always being wonderful 💞

  4. You are so inspiring and amazing! Not only are these recipes fantastic, but your voice and background music is so soothing.
    Thanks for the positivity during our lock down. 😉

  5. Tip: if you don't like beans (like me), you can also process them to a nice creamy sauce. If you add a tasty vegetable, the bean taste is not too strong. E.g.: Kidney Beans + Tomato Sauce + Onions + Bolognese Seasoning – or frozen Mushrooms + White Beans + fried Tofu

  6. Australian supermarkets have been stripped bare of all the staples and I've only got rice left haha. At least the fresh veggies are still in decent supply though!

  7. Learnt my lesson about following Canadian or American recipes and now I know to check lmao – what exactly is tomato sauce? In the UK that means ketchup and I know there's no way that was ketchup. So is it a puree, a concentrate, passata, what exactly? Comment section don't fail me now!

  8. oh my gosh I love ya!!! my vegan non-perishables stockpile is FLOURISHING thanks to an abundance of concerned family members who want to lock me inside my house for the next month (I’m high risk for the virus) and these recipes are on my “to make” list!!!

  9. I made the quinoa bowl last night for dinner and it was delish! I used frozen beans, peas, carrots, and onions, then added some oregano, veggie stock powder, nooch, and a little garlic powder 🤗 🍲

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