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Next year at this time, I will have been working here for 25 years.” This sentence is in the FUTURE PERFECT CONTINUOUS tense or FUTURE PERFECT …

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  1. In this lesson:
    Future Perfect Continuous: Overview 0:00
    When to use the Future Perfect Continuous tense 6:06
    How to use the Future Perfect Continuous tense 10:49
    Future Perfect Continuous: Contractions 13:56
    Future Perfect Continuous: Spelling 16:31
    Future Perfect Continuous: Practice 19:37
    Future Perfect Continuous: Common Errors 24:49
    Future Perfect Continuous: Conclusion 30:21

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  2. Wow, wonderful. I feel comfortable watching this video, I feel like I knew this lesson before, thanks to a million Mrs. Rebecca, You don't even understand how much you make everybody happy. there isn't a harsh criticism. You're perfect.

  3. Hai Rebecca, I am from Indonesia. I like to watched your channel. The way your teach is easy to understand for me. And I want to improve my English skill, could send me a few task or exam to email. Sincerely yours, dila

  4. Greetings from Indonesia,
    Thank you very much Ms Rebecca for the great teaching method. Highly appreciate your teaching skill. They are very easy to understand instead of what I get from school. Stay healthy and God bless you and the family.

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