LEMON RICOTTA PANCAKES – Easy Breakfast Pancakes Recipe

These quick and easy Ricotta Pancakes are going to be a hit in your family. These pancakes are melt-in-your-mouth soft and super fluffy, and you’ll love that bit …

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  1. I have made it today but not in the pan but in the oven cuz i dont have time to cook it one by one in the pan because of my baby crying …but actually its nice its like a muffincakes…its still yum

  2. Вы можете свои рецепты готовить? Таких рецептов очень много, все копируют друг друга.

  3. I bought ricotta cheese to make the pancakes, but forgot to buy buttermilk? Can I use milk or anything else instead? I love your channel Natasha!

  4. The pancakes with fruits makes my mouth watered. I makes pancakes for breakfast a lot during break. Have you ever visited San Diego? Would you mind if you can film some ice creams?

  5. Me encantan sus videos me emocionan mucho , los explica tan bien , el que tenga los subtítulos y lo receta abajo me ayuda a poder entender perfectamente tengo una niña que recién nació y me emociono ver La Niña en el video fue una emoción de madre increíble. Gracias por tus recetas , me fascina sorprender a mi familia 💖

  6. I made this! The pancakes are light as air and so easy to eat. Love the lemon zest it adds such delicate flavor. Perfect to eat with maple syrup😍 thank you for an excellent recipe

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