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LENT MEATLESS MEAL 2020 || QUICK AND EASY whole meal in 20 mins!

This is my super easy Lent meatless meal done in 20 mins! I hope you enjoy! Meatless Meals video from other Catholic’s Play List …

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  1. Growing up in our house we always had fish on Friday. Now with children of my own it's one day of the week they don't ask what is for dinner as they know it's fish Friday. Fish in white sauce with creamy mash and vegetables is my family's favorite meal. In a hurry then a sheet pan is my go to meal lots of meat free meals on the internet .

  2. What a delicious meal. I've tried meals with soy sauce several times, like Asian fried rice, but somehow never turned out good. I will give this one a try! Thank you.

    I really enjoy rice and beans as well as an Afghan dish called Borani Badejan, which is fried eggplant in a tomato sauce with rice and some garlic cream. Everyone including my toddler loves it. I ate it at a restaurant and googled the recipe later. Lately I've tried another dish called Soy Khorma. Indian dish with soy minced meat in tomato-curry sauce with rice. It was also good but the eggplant one is my #1 hehe.

  3. What about ceviche, with shrimp, fish or both. Also fishless ceviche, instead I use cauliflower. Just as good. Check YouTube. But basically it's the fish or shrimp raw, just marinade with lemon so it cooks it, then add cilantro tomato onion cucumber and salt and Maggie sauce if you have some.
    Or you can replace the shrimp and fish for cauliflower or even can tuna. Eat with tostadas.
    Also hibiscus tacos,
    A must for us is Nopales or cactus with egg for breakfast. Or soyriso, that's soy chorizo.
    Love your channel. God bless you and your family.

  4. My favorite time of the Church year ,……penance and spring on its way . 🐇 raised 6 children on very low income. We did lots of casseroles , cream tuna on toast, Mac and cheese…(usually kraft) haha., grilled cheese sandwiches, creamed eggs on toast, ( my mom called it golden rod egg) because you grated the yolk of cooked egg over the top. One of my children’s favorites was rice cakes. You cook rice and mix in raw egg. You make it thick and spoon into hot frying pan with melted butter. Fry until lightly brown on each side..put butter on top with salt. These are the size of sm. Pancakes……just seems I could never make enough. I also made my grandmothers yummy potato soup and served with Italian bread…..we never ate meat on Fridays so I rally had lots of recipes.
    May your lent be a very blessed one🙏

  5. Usually during Lent, on Friday’s, we would eat Filet-O-Fish and fries from mcDonalds or order a cheese pizza. Other than that, my mom makes a delicious stir-fry “nopales” which is cactus with cubes of tomatoes, onions and cilantro. 😋❤️

  6. Just a suggestion – Have you tried cooking indian vegetarian recipes. I know the ingredients are not easy available but if somehow get hold of it, you can make some amazing delicious vegetarian meals.

  7. I have a unique situation, I am allergic to shellfish, and I detest fish. I know there are people, including my husband and adult children, who love fish and shellfish and use Fridays in lent to fill up on both. I must say coming up with meatless menus is a challenge for me. There are the standbys of egg salad sandwiches, very tasty as an open faced sandwich with a juicy red tomato slice on top and covered with grated cheddar cheese and broiled until the cheese is melted. We also have the standby tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Meatless margarita pizza is another option. There is always the standby Mac and cheese. One dish that I particularly like is a pasta and mushroom dish. You sauté sliced button mushrooms in butter and olive oil, add some chopped garlic, and herbs of your choice add penne pasta, you may need some pasta water to loosen…..add grated Parmesan or Romano cheese to taste and serve. I used to tolerate one piece of battered fried fish like Long John Silver’s drowned in ketchup each year…lol. We used to go to fish fries but I can’t stand the smell so the family enjoys them without me.

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