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LIDL £30 FOOD HAUL AND MEAL PLAN February/March 2021 | Easy Budget Friendly Meal Ideas

LIDL £30 FOOD HAUL AND MEAL PLAN February/March 2021 | Easy Budget Friendly Meal Ideas Elo! Today’s video is our …

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  1. ❤️💚💜🧡 Great Haul!! You’ve got some of my favorites! You also got a few things I’ve never seen before. I’m gonna keep my eyes out for them next time I shop. I make vegan cooking,hauls,DIY,ect. videos. As a fellow you tube creator I appreciate all the effort you put into your content! I look forward to watching more from you!

  2. I'm so glad that you have found relief using the Gherkin Juice, I think I've become addicted to it :D. I hope that reducing soy has helped your sickness too, either way its probably better to keep off it until you've stopped feeding. Sending all the love 😉 x

  3. this is such a good haul. every time you get hot cross buns they look delicious and i wonder what they taste like…speaking of, I was able to find "Oaties"/hobnobs here in the US (i asked about them in a previous video). they are definitely good, but i think i like digestives better. i'll have to have one with a cuppa and then i can really see how it compares. oh also! i think you mentioned something about the lemons keeping, i learned on budget bytes that you can actually freeze citrus and my life has changed! i just wash them and then freeze and it's perfect for if i need to zest or whenever i need the juice.

  4. Woooooow where have i been did not realise shes pregooooo!!!!! Woooow so happy shes gonna make a wonderful mum!!!!! And her vlogs only jus gonna get better!!!! Shessss Amaaaaazzzzzing!!!!!! And congrats…. 💖💖💖💖 you both are goals!!!!

  5. Still can't get over how cheap hot cross buns are in the UK. Such a great, budget haul.

    Just a tip with the lemons, you can cut them into chunks or thin slices and freeze them! They thaw out quite quick if you want to add a squeeze of lemon juice to a dish, or you can add a few frozen slices to flavour water (either cold or hot).

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