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This Liquid Gold BBQ sauce will blow your mind. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys grill up some Country Ribs and Chicken, and give it the Liquid Gold Sauce treatment.

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  1. first. adding apple cider vinegar to my fries. thanks.. next i do not like mustard on my anything. i do like a mustard based sauce.
    i also add mustard to my baked beans. thanks.

  2. SOLD on Liquid Gold! We have used it on chicken AND pork…you can't go wrong! (I'd eat it on toast) We love it! Also use your SPG on EVERYTHING, not too salty and love the kick! Just tried your Pork Privilege! Yeah…amazing! Looking forward to the next video, thanks!

  3. I'll definitely be making this, gentlemen. And use my Bob Ross paintbrush to make my grilled goods and family happy (I learn from the best)! Love the Maria, too.

  4. Why can't the younger generation just act like you guys. If everyone just approached life like this crew the world would be a better, much less triggered place with oversensitive snowflakes who think everyone is entitled.

  5. Yall the truth man!!! I'm Def gonna do this one and alot of the ones I see yall do
    .. Putting a twist on this food is whatz missing… Make ur own.. Like u said 👌💯💯💯😋

  6. I live in lake county and there's a BBQ INSTITUTION (been open around 60 years or more) named kings bbq. They have kings sauce similar to this minus the brown sugar and boy I juat can't ever get enough of it. Use to be sold in piblix and winn doxies locally but bow its a dieng breed🥺🥺

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