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Live 03-21-2021: Chaotic Corned Beef Hash in Cast Iron

Time to use up to the last of the Saint Paddy’s Day corned beef with one of my favorite stir fries: a take on classic corned beef hash that adds a couple of extra …

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  1. My Daughter made a Macedonian dish with spinach, feta cheese, cottage cheese, and egg, wrapped in filo dough, baked in the oven, for my Birthday. I never thought of putting spinach or mushrooms in hash, but will remedy that next time. As always, your dishes look wonderful. 🙂

  2. Hey Eric, thanks for all you do. You say you are not a professional chef, but you are an inspiration. I have made a few of your video recipes and enjoyed them. The first was your Boston baked beans. The corned beef this year was great!

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