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Live Feed- Cooking and Healthy Eating as a Nomad! March 11, 2020

I am live today, Wednesday March 11, 2020 at 2 pm Pacific time! Today we are talking about how to eat healthy on the road and what are some good healthy …

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  1. I put the desired amount of coffee in a reg coffee filter (maybe 100 for a dollar or so) use  a bread twist tie to close it and throw it in a pan of hot water. Adjust how long you let it soak or adjust amount of coffee for desired strength.

  2. Well Bob another good video of info.. Thanks and take care.. don't let your guard down 6 ft away from humans. and no shaking hands. Get your daily dose of garlic.. Ok suggestion when we traveled we also stop at wallmart and bought organic vergetable juice that is jars.. it was very tasty and got our veggies that way.. A good way to juice for sure.

  3. Look into a Wonder Bag or a knockoff (these bags are used in Africa often and require no power.) Simply bring the one pot meal (pot roast, chicken, chill etc etc) to a full boil then put the cooking pot into the Wonder Bag and several hours later the meal is ready.

    A diet of all lean meat without healthy saturated fats and some complex carbs can lead to what is known as rabbit starvation. Folks who ate only squirrels died of that issue.


  4. Thank you Bob for your discussion on Coronavirus and how it may affect caravans, etc. For once in my life being an introvert has become a bit of an advantage. In that I don't mind being alone in fact it is a stretch for me to socialize.

    Thank you again for all you do to help others.

  5. Hey bob thanks for giving me hope, I can’t afford to eat well and am currently on keto, but the types of food I eat are salads and tuna, I’m also a omad so I plan to eat what I can find or buy cheap, hoping to see you guys ASAP,I’m from Alberta and we have some awesome people who boondockmin Canada but with things kinda uncertain I’m not sure when I can leave my bleak existence and my kids bleeding me

  6. Hey. You just answered my need for help installing solar with solar mike at slab city. It might be a couple months till I make it that way, but oh well. I can make it that long with no fridge or power. I only drive about 3 to 4 hours a day, and like to set up for 2 weeks at a time or longer if allowed. Again love your vids, can't wait to be able to be of help to folks like you do. That's what I believe life is all about, helping others. Peace✌

  7. Hey Bob. How's it hangin. Just started my journey to freedom. I am having a heck of a time trying to find someone I can pay to help me with my solar hook up. Have all I need, just need it put together. I'm disabled and can't put it together on my own. I have an autistic sun that lives in van with me.we stocked up on food. But having to cook with out fridge. So I'm doing the canned meats and canned e everything.This dang corona virus is causing all types of problems. Love your channel hope to meet you soon and shake a Good Mans hand. I believe everything you do is for the good of nomadic lifers. See ya rolling down the road.Peace✌

  8. FYI eating broccoli cooked is more nutritious than raw because cooking allows your teeth to break down the cells more completely and you get more calcium from it than if it was raw.

  9. Thanks for talking about the virus. Im in WA and there is no cleaning products left…I bought a bottle of rubbing alcohol(last one around lol) and a small spray bottle with a fine mist(safeway). I carry it with me and spray my car doors, steering wheel and on my hands. If someone you know is ill, offer to shop for them. They may not have the CV but their immune system is wacked….let them stay at home to recover. Watch after each other.

  10. If you live in a van/car, you have an advantage if you can stock up on food and camp in the wilderness somewhere. Avoid civilization for the next month or so, and you will also avoid exposure to the Coronavirus.

  11. So, wait a second. Did I hear you say that the position you are hiring for is part-time? Yet, you need the person to be available an hour in the morning, an hour at mid-day, and an hour before bed? You realize that with that schedule their entire day is focused on a "part-time" job. Really, it sounds like full-time to me because the person is tied up all day. Respectfully submitted.

  12. A tidbit of experience. Banquet boxed chicken after cooked will last 5days at room temperature. Cooked burgers 3 days. Mayo one month. Cheese 2 weeks. Butter a month. This is room temp about 75°. My mom used to keep bacon grease on the window sill sitting in a jar for months.

  13. Extremepower 52 qt with blue tooth. Down to -4° fridge freezer for $285.00. This is a Alpicool with blue tooth. 👍Also with a bluetti solar generator you can run the fridge for 9 days.

  14. For a super healthy meal for those with heart disease or high blood pressure. Yall should buy a small blender like a magic bullet,. I recommend buying canned beets and frozen blueberries or bananas etc and making a beet smoothie everyday. Your blood pressure will drop within 5 minutes or less and you can feel the effect immediately. Especially any of you who deal with a uncontrollable heart I highly recommend a beet smoothie. It will open of your airways and increase the amount of oxygen within your blood cells. Its a natural medicine for those with respiratory issues.

  15. Be safe please. I look forward to seeing all your videos. Stock up on food water and medicines. CDC says at least two months of extra food and water to make sure you have enough to last if you can't find food or get into a city because they are in lockdown. It's going to happen alot so stay safe.

  16. Hi from New Zealand. Me n my wife living in a Chrysler Grand Voyager. I love it.My wife finding it a little hard,showers,toilet at night etc.We will sort it.Only our second week.We can save for a small bus now we don't have to pay rent.Makes sense to me

  17. Do the fresh foods that we usually think of that have an excellent "shelf life", like root cellar fruits and vegetables (potatoes, turnips, carrots, apples etc) do well in warmer temperatures?

  18. One more week going shopping for small rv or class B. Wish I could be in Nevada with you I lived there for 5 years. Need help with choosing the correct vehicle, I don't wanna get a lemon. I'm looking for something older willing to fix it up as long as it runs good. Please let me know where I should,not just Bob anyone with the knowledge.✌💜✊👊

  19. Bob, this is not related to today's topic, sorry. My daughter just bought a GMC Savanna and will be living in it out west in Forests and BML land. My question is what kind of tires do you use. We want something that is more rugged than highway tires. Thanks.

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