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Lose Weight for Good with a Healthy Plant-Based Diet (Webinar Replay)

Dr. Anthony Lim, medical director of the McDougall Program and staff physician at TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa, California, shares his extensive …

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  1. Some of my favorite people! Surprised I've not discovered this talk before. We're now knee deep in Covid-19…so this is a great reminder talk! Been WFPB-no oil for 6 years, but have recently "slipped" with some processed junk! Getting back on track!

  2. Hi. I've been eating a plant based diet since 1988. I agree with most of the information Dr. Lim and other guru's are putting out, but I have to disagree when it comes to plant oils. You absolutely need oil for the skin, hormones, nervous system, the brain, enzymes and more. If you notice, folks who follow this kind of thinking look old before their time. Some even look pasty in appearance. A little oil will go a long way. To eliminate it all together is overkill. Contrary to popular opinion, you're not going to have heart attacks, kidney stones, gallstones, or other illnesses if you're relatively healthy to begin with. For those who have history of these illnesses that may be different. Experiment with it and check your blood levels. But, please don't think you can eliminate plant oil from your diet and think this is sustainable. There is a reason why long time vegans have converted back to eating a omnivorous diet.

  3. This kind of eating plan branded “Kοnοnοz yyd” (Google it) is amazingly easy to go by. I workout everyday and make an effort to stick to a healthy diet plan, although I was stuck with my weights. Using this tutorial in 3 weeks, I eliminated 10 lbs I preferred , I really feel with vitality and I manage my very own appetite. It`s awesome. .

  4. I`ve been pursuing this specific “Kοnοnοz yyd” (Search on Google) around 5 weeks, and have dropped about ten pounds, and also 3 inches from my very own waistline. It provides me personally the energy i must have together with losing more weight then some of the others. .

  5. I really consider this particular diet “Kοnοnοz yyd” (Google it) to generally be inspirational. I must have worked on me considering that I find myself I have got a great deal of strength everyday and also have shed Eight lbs on my very own weight in the past 30 days. This particular tutorial explains you every thing on what needs to be carried out to quickly attain your goal. .

  6. When tempted to soothe my feelings with snacks, even if those are nutritious foods, if I am not actually hungry, just frustrated about something…I've been reconditioning myself to make a cup of unsweetened caffeine free tea instead. That way, I am taking a few quiet moments to do something "nice" (and even healthy) for myself.

  7. Yes Dr. Lim, get a website please!! Offer great tips, maybe some recipes you eat etc. I would love it. Loved this talk too. I am going to give it my best effort to eat plant based. Thank you both for all you do!

  8. Outstanding thank you it's the internal environment and the establishing a healthy relationship with food which is where my struggle has been for the past 4 months and I was getting discouraged with the idea, I am operating 80% on WFPB but I have overindulged with dates and nuts in recipes. BTW are dates to be limited in their whole form as well? Looks like I need to cut down on nuts and nut sauces! Again I missed original webinar glad I took to the time to catch the replay!

  9. i HAVE A CRUSH ON DR.LIM AND REALLY IMPRESSED BY HIS FORTHCOMING OF HIS OWN "ISSUES" i LIKE WHOLE GRAIN BREAD and have tried to eliminate, no more, pretty much all the other food is usually pretty good.

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