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Love & Best Dishes: Snow Pea Salad with Peanut Chicken Recipe

Love & Best Dishes: Snow Pea Salad with Peanut Chicken Recipe – Today Bobby is sharin’ one more of his healthy and delicious recipes to keep y’all on track …

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  1. This recipe has become a regular on our home menu rotation!!! We do add the Spinach to the Snow Pea Pods, and also some canned Bean Sprouts, and top it with a little Cilantro.

  2. This recipe looks great and light. I will definitely be trying soon:-) FYI- Paula, you are a hoot and I love watching you just being yourself!

  3. Thank you!!! I added some crunchy radish for texture, taste and color n sprinkled some black sesame seeds on top. Super yummy!!! ❤🤤❤ p.s. my husband loved it! 😄

  4. Bobby Deen, This is gonna be great!!! I LOVE Pad Thai, but can't have the noodles due to my glucose. I wonder if canned Bean sprouts could be a good addition to this salad?

  5. Reason I ask is that I followed the link to the official recipe from the cookbook and there is no mention of “lemon” juice ? So which one do I use ??? In this video Bobby says lime juice when making the peanut mixture but when Paula asks him, he said it’s lemon juice

  6. Paula and Bobby I mean no disrespect but I feel that you two work against each other in the kitchen it's like you're competing one against the other. Paula it might not hurt for you to let Bobby cook if that's his recipe and that's what he's supposed to be doing if you would let him talk instead of interrupting so much. Also it would be good if y'all would go ahead and stay on track and work on the recipe and not go off into four or five other different conversations.

  7. I think Bobby wanted to say that his Mama did not need to keep adding salt and a little more salt… and just a pinch more. Good Lord! Bobby needs his own show minus his Mama. He uses much better kitchen sense and is more sanitary in function.

  8. Wow! I love these light dishes and love Bobby’s cooking. I love simple, easy and low cost on a super tight budget. Thanks for sharing this terrific recipe.

  9. I know Paula washed her hands, but that bracelet of hers was dragging through all the raw chicken, the dressing, the greens…YUCK! Please folks, take the jewelry off when cooking. Look up studies done on what hides between your ring and your finger even after you've washed your hands multiple times. It will gross you out.

  10. When I started watching Food Network, my husband happened to see one of Paula’s shows. He commented that she wasn’t cooking anything that I hadn’t cooked. He was correct. I have been cooking “her recipes” for 60-years. I watched her for several years but her cackle got too much for me. Don’t hate me—that’s just me. She has come a long way since the first time I saw her on TV. There used to be a show where a cook would go into a random kitchen, and from their pantry cook a meal. On that show she had not been introduced to makeup, hairstyles, fancy jewelry, etc.

  11. Good grief this was a hot mess, lol .You all need to get it together for real. (Her hands with all those rings was into everything.)

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