Lumpiang Togue Recipe | Filipino Veggie Spring Roll Appetizer

Lumpiang gulay, also known as vegetable lumpia, is a Filipino appetizer consisting of julienned or cubed vegetables with ground meat or shrimp in a thin egg …

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  1. i can smell over here how yummy it is. I love fried lumpia. but i didn't know that we can put potato. i will di this next time. thanks sis.

  2. I made a vlog making spring rolls too very yummy and crispy and also delicious with vinegar now I’m starving thinking about it,thank you for this recipe sis I will make again maybe next week

  3. Delicious and healthy another recipe from you We always like to see your cooking preparation from Ingredients to how to do it easily and perfectly. You always have a perfect recipe. You did very well

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