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Maangchi's Korean Beef Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps With Homemade Ssamjang – How To

YouTube cooking sensation Maangchi shares the perfect recipe for a lunchbox: beef bulgogi lettuce wraps. Her recipe, which is featured in her new cookbook …

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  1. Which kind of Mushroom would you recommend to substitute for the meat? I damn well am not vegetarian, but I want to know which specific mushroom you recommend please, in case I have to cook for them damn Vegan fools… By the way, this video is locked in my head like abc, 123. Is there Korean Bento?? I've never been to a train station in Korea?? Just Japan.

  2. 맛있겠어요
    잘봤습니다 옛날어렸을때
    한국에서 할머니께서 해주시던 얘기할때 가숨이
    댓글이쓰고싶었는데 영어를
    몰라서 안했드니 댓글을
    보닌까 한글로도 썻길래
    나도용기를내서 해보내요
    나도우리 손자들을어려서
    키우다 딸이 미국으로 가는바람에 잘보지도 못하고
    옛날 추억으로만 가숨알이
    하고 있습니다
    앞으론 댓글달고싶어요

  3. 에고…이 아짐도 유명해지더니… 얼굴에다 도대체 뭔 짓을 한겨… 올망졸망 귀여웠었는데 ㅉㅉㅉ
    생긴대로 자연스럽게 나이 먹어 가는게 그리 힘든 일인가?!!!

  4. oh here comes my role model, maangchi!!! her food is always the best!!
    i got inspired by her cooking ideas so much!! i totally respect her and like her 3000 times!!
    so excited to see her in this channel! hope more people watch her korean cooking videos!!! 🙏

  5. Hi,maangchi how r you dear.. I tried your 2,3 dishes at my home everybody like it.. even I buy oil of sesame also,, but my oil is not same like your black colour oil why?? it's a yellow colour oil.. I live in UAE..can you plz tell me which brand oil should I buy next time.. thanks…tc

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