Magic Kingdom and Happily Ever After Dessert Party – Walt Disney World vlog 2020

Join us as we visit the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. We enjoy a character breakfast at the Crystal Palace, hit up plenty of attractions, and end the night …

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  1. Hey, what time do they start to escort you to the viewing spot for the fireworks? Did you feel rushed to finish your food? We're doing the same dessert part for the first time this April.

  2. Hi Eric. What a great time. The character interaction is fun. How did your nephew do on Pirates? My nephew, who was 5 at the time, did not like it. Poor little guy. You got great seats for the fireworks. Was it seats or were you standing? Such a wonderful time. -Ali 🎀🏰💖

  3. Great video Eric. I agree with you Happily Ever After to me is the best of the best. I really enjoy watching your videos. Thank you.

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