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Mai Apko Ye Toh Batana hi Bhul Gayi 🙆~Pregnancy Update:Last Trimester Symptoms~Indian Family Vlogger

Mai Apko Ye Toh Batana hi Bhul Gayi ~Pregnancy Update: Last Trimester Symptoms~indian Family Vlogger America #MotherhoodHospitals #Pregnant …

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  1. Priya instead of keeping whole milk carton outside to come to room temperature( as it may affect quality of the rest of the milk ) I suggest you to make the milkshake n keep that to come to room temperature…
    N how come your honey is still liquid.. mine becomes crystallized…

  2. hello maam..i know its personal.but pls help me out. i want my sister to study in USA .she recently passed out in Bachelor in veterinary and i want her to Master in USA…please Maam help me out to how to apply and what is the process and how much money have i required. i m not gud in english so plz ignore my mistake.

  3. Priya there are 2 types of organic whole milk at costco… This one you have does not have fish oil but the one with DHA have fish oil… The packaging is almost the same…

  4. priya diii….i love you and your family life…i am watching your blog before 1 month ago but i really impressed with your daily routine your energy positive thoughts and commitment and lots of love care dedicationof your family ..you incourageme to car drive…take care yourself diii…

  5. Hii Priya….hope you are doing good…I'm 7 months pregnant n in US ….how many (min) clothes required for new born in the first 3 months

  6. Hello Priya! There is a liner you can order for your stovetop. They are custom made for your make and model of the stove. It makes cleaning much easier and also keeps your stove top looking clean from underneath. I bought mine on amazon.

  7. Hello..can you please share the hospital and doctor payment structure for delivery..it will help me and a lot of people to have an idea. I understand it depends on the insurance, but an overall discussion will help. Stay happy😍

  8. Hello Priya, it’s swati again. Yes I have informed you about cosco organic milk has fish oil. I checked it again on google search and it clearly says yes it has fish oil. You also try to search. FYI.

  9. Hello priya ji
    Pulao looked soo yummy😋
    only few more weeks to go & ur liitle one will be in ur arms ✨👍🏻😍
    take care & be safe 😊
    many more bestest wishes to you
    govindu is soo sweet 😍

  10. Hi priya I am also 30 weeks pregnant. I can understand you. When I watch your videos it brings smile on my face and I live in Texas. I am also going through same symptoms as you. No worries, keep smiling and be happy😊.

  11. Milk never has fish oil.. I don't know why people share fake information and make people sacred.. organic milk is good.. spl at this time u should have organic .. so don't be sacred just have that… God bless.. tc…👍

  12. During pregnancy raw honey, raw milk are not good, it contains salmonella, just suggesting , use other honey and pasteurized milk, i am microbiologist, so in future please don’t use for you as well as for baby

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