Maiden Voyage: Disney Wish : Palo's Steak House Day at Sea Worlds of Marvel: Day 2 Vlog

Ahoy cruise nerds; today is the first sea day at sea of the Maiden Voyage onboard the Disney Wish; Going to Palo’s Steakhouse …

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  1. You are one of the first vloggers I see talk about Palo brunch on the wish so thank you so much. But I'd like some details. Is it the same menu? Do they still offer you a complimentary mimosa or Bellini? Do they have meats, seafood and cheeses on the brunch menu? Thanks!

    Good to hear that the new food area was all very good! Love that they have chipotle style Mexican food and BBQ!

    So sad that Cove Cafe no longer has snacks 🙁

    Great Vlog as always and love your hair! -Venessa

  2. Loved this videoing!!! Thanks for showing us around the ship so much!!! Also love your parents cameos in the vid. We adore your Mom! Tell her we said hi! And we love her haircut 😘😘❤️ can’t wait for the next vid!

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