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Make Beautiful Sourdough With Claire Saffitz | Try This at Home | NYT Cooking

Get the recipe: Claire Saffitz is back for another round of Try This at Home, a series where she guides …

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  1. I left my starter on the counter overnight and by morning it looked like it was starting to deflate but it still passed the float test. Should I feed it again and wait 6 hrs or can I use it?

  2. Hi Claire, one question. When you are feeding the starter, do you feed (on the second feeding) 100 g. water and 100 g. flour? I believe this would give you 425 g. of starter to incorporation the autolyse dough. Thanks for your response. Love the YouTube video!

  3. The spelt flour is a misguided attempt to make the bread "gourmet." Spelt flour has no business being in a loaf of sourdough bread and it completely throws the taste off.

  4. I followed this to a T – and made my best loaves yet! I just started making sourdough and had dreams of the "pretty" loaf i see all over! thank you for this video and the detail!

  5. Thanks Claire. You put into words how i feel about making sourdough bread. I have made yeast bread in the past, but somehow started the sourdough bread during the time spent at home, even though kept working. Now i am totally hooked. Every Sunday i bake. Prepare Saturday. Sometimes i bake early Monday(4:30) morning before work. It's amazing how i can take it out of oven, put on a rack and when i return at 4ish the bread is still excellent! Not even a hint of staleness. The wonders of the starter. It makes my Monday go better knowing i have a loaf waiting for me when i return home.

  6. Hello.. My starter is a organic whole flour starter. I'll be ready to make bread tonight.. I will be using Bread Flour. Does it matter what the start is made from ? Thank you

  7. I can't believe i hadn't seen this until now–2+ years baking mediocre sourdough was almost enough to make me give up completely. First time out of the gate, my bake was great–I followed the recipe carefully and it was perfect. Thanks Claire!

  8. My Mother maintained starter in our refrigerator for over 30 years. Needless to say, I have eaten at least my full share of sour dough goods. And, as much as I would like to say that it is "without question" my favorite bread,… it is not. I do really like it but knowing how much attention that it requires is the kicker. There are to many other breads that taste wonderful and are 1/10th the work and fuss of sour dough.
    Please do not read too much into my post. I love sour dough but it has several competitors that I love as much, without requiring so much time and attention.

  9. I watched this a couple of weeks ago and followed it by doing EXACTLY as CS showed us’n. I had a great sourdough starter ready for use and BAM! the oven control board went south, then I waited until the new circuit board arrived and the walking mountain showed up from the Service company to install it. Since it was the second time the CB required replacement in 2 years I decided that the 2020 GE JGB 735 model range oven is junk. But I revived my dormant starter from the fridge and will feed it for a couple of days until I use it.

  10. Been watching a few sour dough videos and this is a really great one. I love your relaxed approach and easy to understand explanation! Also…. I need that kitchen in my life!

  11. I've become obsessed with making this bread. 2 years too late since I just retired. Claire explains the process so much better than anyone has done thus far in any video. Now to do the process!!

  12. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and we brought in a house sitter to take care of our house and all the dogs. I had a crock of sourdough starter on the counter that I had going for 3 years. She thought it was spoiled food and dumped it out. I was so aggravated! She killed my baby….

  13. I love Claire's funny matter-of-factness spiced with some reverence for the art of baking bread. However, I need some help. I've used her procedure twice, and both times, the bread, although delicious, was rather flat. I noticed that when Claire takes the bread out of the proofing basket, it seems to hold its shape well. Mine starts to flatten out almost immediately. Can someone suggest some reasons why this is happening?

  14. First attempt failed as I had no oven spring. I guess I folded it for too long. Second attempt was brilliant. So fluffy, so delicious.

  15. Thank you for the wonderful video. You made it really easy. Question for you, can you use carbonated water to make sourDough bread? Would that help the process?

  16. Thank you for making this video. You made the process easy. Question for you, can you use carbonated water to make sourDough bread? Would that help the process?

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