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MAKE THIS FOR THE MEAT-LOVERS || Vegan Meatless Monday Recipes

RECIPES BELOW. Thanks to Simple Truth & Kroger for sponsoring this video. Check out the Simple Truth & Simple Truth Organic line here for product info and …

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  1. Everything looks delish as usual! So exciting to see more vegan items at the store although where I am there's still not much other than the basic daiya and tofutti type stuff. Looking forward to seeing more in the future!

  2. I love the soy free products that you shared. I can’t wait to try these new food choices. My plant-based lifestyle just became easier. Thanks so much! 🥗🥑 I edited my comment to say, yes please, for Taco bowl recipe!🌮🥰

  3. Hi I’m Ros, live in the uk and managed veganuary with one tiny slip up so carrying on. So just found you channel and like the look of your style as it’s mine also just without the salt for health reasons I use Himalayan salt so needs only tiny amount no sodium. X Ros

  4. These look so delicious and simple to make! The Simple Truth garlic hummus is my absolute favorite hummus! Lucky's Market carries this line as well but unfortunately they are closing their Florida stores 🙁

  5. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS which has put my vegan journey at a pause because I can’t eat soy. I’m eating meat but hate the taste after not eating it for so long. I’m looking for ways to get some protein rich foods in my diet. If you can do a video like that I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also thank you for your channel! It has help me try so many new things

  6. I have at least five stubborn family members with health challenges that I've sent your videos to in order to show them that plant based foodies can look beautiful and vibrant! .They're opening up because of you and asking questions now..thank you!!!!

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