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Make Zero Waste Plant Fertilizer with Everyday Items!

Here are some simple ways to add nutrients to your indoor plants if you are low, out of fertilizer, or if you prefer to make your own. Using the waste water from …

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  1. Yay! So what I’ve been doing is good 😂
    I’ve been using my fish tank water when I do water changes to water my plants because I didn’t want to waste the water! And my plants have been going amazing since I started, they are growing much faster and look so beautiful! (I have a plant and aquarium addiction…😂)

  2. My Granny kept eggshells in a jar with water under her sink. When it was time to water, she’d take some and mix it in her watering can with some fresh water.

  3. Nooooooow you answered my question that I have ben looking for i brought this plant and i kept saying it smells fishy now I know why they may have used fish warmer to water it

  4. I'll microwave my used fruit, vegetable peels for 3 minutes per side to dry them. Then I'll crush them into a powder, add them to my used coffee grounds. Makes for a great slow release fertilizer.

  5. You’re one of the rare human beings who get it. Sometimes you’re wandering off but you always come back. Thanks.
    And thanks for the home made fertilizer session 💕

  6. I drink nettle infusion every day. The nettle leaves from that infusion will be soaked one more time in water for a day and then I strain the liquid and water my house plants. Nettle has a lot of nutrients. The strained plant matter goes out in the garden.
    Any herbal tea plant matter is good for fertilizing and composting.

  7. Hello
    Amazing video using as fertiliser just simple things from your kitchen:)
    I know few things as my mom using few things but I don’t read sure as this is useful but i saw your video and the same thing u r suggesting as fertiliser so from today I am going to start this thing to my plants as well

  8. I just realized I don't eat eggs or bananas … I only boil veg when making a soup otherwise it's raw or stir fried…cook rice in rice cooker… i have no aquarium or fireplace…. I suppose pasta water I can use….😅😅😅 fortunately I have enough fertilizer in the storage to last me a year…😁😁

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