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Making traditional alcohol ll Cooking organic curry potatoes

Making traditional alcohol ll Cooking organic curry potatoes.

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  1. We think we are rich and living life to the fullest but the truth is very different. These Nepali village folk are wealthy in ways we will never be, we are domesticated compared to them!

  2. I love that cat and the lady cares about him to since everytime she cooks she gives the cat some of her food that tells me alot about people. Ghandi said you can tell alot about a country and its people by the way they treat their animals and I know its true. These people are so poor and they may not be as clean as you or I but look at the animals and how healthy and fat they look which shows they care alot about their welfare. Lots of good Kharma for them.

  3. Грешным делом подумала детей собираются купать,ан нет! Жалко столько воды нагрели могли бы,увы!

  4. هي البلد دي فين بس مفيش اي تدخل من اي جهه تنقذ الناس دي فين البيئه الصحيه محتاجين رعايه ودعم ابسط الاشياء معدومه

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