Vegan Recipes

Making Vegan Meals In The Microwave

Join Tom and Ayesha as they attempt to create a selection of vegan snacks using only a microwave oven. ⭐️CAST⭐️ …

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  1. This video is definitely NOT helping the 'British people eat shite' stereotype… :/ How can you honestly say you enjoyed any of that absolute filth?!

  2. that hummus concoction is an abomination, just add the strained chickpeas to a mug, with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice ,olive oil, salt and tahini and blend with a hand blender

  3. The houmus recipe was pointless lol. Just get a big jug, a hand blender, put all the ingredients in the jug for your houmus, blend til you reach desired consistency. You do NOT need Aquafaba to make houmus.

    On the other hand, I am SO trying that brownie recipe! <3

  4. last time i made a “mug cake” from the top of my head, ijust mashed a banana,added cocoa powder and microwaved it. i forgot u could add nut butter. anyway it was kind of cooked in the top but it was mostly just pudding.

  5. Quite honestly, it would be quicker to make the Hummus in a blender or just mash it up in a bowl, also way too wet looking 😂 you need to strain off the liquid first

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