Martha Stewart's Salad With Homemade Dressing | Homeschool With Martha | #StayHome #WithMe

Watch as Martha creates a fresh salad with lettuces and herbs she’s grown in her greenhouse. Read: Brought to you by Martha Stewart: …

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  1. Martha I miss watching your shows! My dad and I watched you every day in the morning! Even though we lived far from each other, he would call me up in the morning and say are you watching? And I would say yes daddy I am! You bring back memories of my dad! Hes in heaven now and I miss him so! Martha we all have bad things happen to us in life, but it's nice to know we were able to bring goodness to people in our lives! I wanted you to know that you brought some good times to me and my dad!
    Thank you! Be safe and happy cooking!!!💖

  2. Martha, I started coloring/ cutting my own hair about 5 years ago…Ive gotten so good at it…Looks better then what Ive ever paid ..

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