Vegan Recipes

Master Sri Akarshana SPEED COOKING! | Quick Vegan Recipe from a Yogi

People always think about going vegetarian or vegan but always say theres nothing to eat or cooking is limited. Those who know, Master used to work as a chef …

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  1. 🤣❤😭❤🤣❤
    Clean b&w kitchen
    The ninja foodi !!
    XX music in the background
    Johnny bravo
    Vegan recipe

    Why do you guys love me ?!?! Please make more cooking vids !!! 🙏 🙏❤❤
    Couldnt stop laughing !!

  2. Those veggies are more e expensive than meat… only affluent people can afford them everyday and every time … I am gonna now try LOA to get these veggies everyday… btw I am a pure vegetarian .. I don’t even eat egg .. hence I know the facts

  3. Great video everything looks like it taste good. I love being a vegan check out Dr. Sebi's alkaline food list. It's important to eat more alkaline foods to build the immune system.

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