Trevor and Thea present their desert to the judges and they make a final decision on who is the winner of the 2017 cooking competition Subscribe and never …

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  1. For all Thea fans, she's back in masterchef kitchen! Yes she is competing in masterchef Canada season 7 : Back to win, you can catch it on ctv. For non canadians just log into an vpn (set the ip location to Canada) and head to ctv website. As of now she's in top 9 (along with Barrie) i am rooting for her, let's hope this time our queen 👱🏼‍♀️ takes home the cash !

  2. Trevor presents himself moronicly. Even when he's talking about being humble, he sounds arrogant. Maybe he's not used to the cameras or the attention?

  3. The liquid nitrogen is a planned…. hahaha 🤣 😂 🤣

    He knows the fact the he needs to fire the moulds. That maximize the act when hes trying to remove it by barehands struggling for a while and then.!!!! Shing.

    Judge: he is brilliant!

    He changed the world. Hahaha

    To make judge impressed.. act you Made a terrible mistakes. And show them whats your magic wand can make!

    Thats a wise move. And u deserved 👏 🤗 it because u showed to all how to act like a winner.

    Hes really incredible… half blood 🎩magician.
    Half blood chef.

    You are deadly i am so impressed hahaha.

    Other contender should do the same creativity. Because there is no time for judge Chefs to think its a trick, they are so focus on what you can show them in a very unique,brilliant and effective way of cooking. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Good job trevor. You magic it. Hahaha

  4. Why didn’t thea cry in the finale? If only she had cried, she probs would have won. Thea whyyyyy

    (Just saying I know Thea can cook good, I’m just joining the jokes. Thea can now redeem herself in the redemption season. She has cried yet.)

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