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May 2020 Try My Snacks Box Unboxing and Taste Test | Palestine | Brand New Subscription Box

We are so excited to share a brand new snack subscription box with you. Try My Snacks just launched and we are pumped to be some of the first people to …

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  1. In my opinion, this was a great box! Just a few days ago I received my first ever TryMySnacks box! It was sooooo good! The falafel bissili chips were SOOOO good, and the Fruit Chews and Coffee Candies were to die for! We also got a Nutella B-Ready as an extra and that was also delicious! Overall 5/5 box, I highly recommended it! And the emails from Nate are so cool! From some clues on their page I’ve discovered that some of their other possible upcoming countries could be Japan, Lebanon, and Germany! Extremely excited for all three! Can’t wait to get more boxes, and will definitely recommend this to a friend!

  2. This box seems so cool! I subscribed to trymysnacks today so I could try it out for myself. Thank you guys for introducing this service to me. I absolutely love y'alls unboxing videos. Keep it up!

  3. I ended up signing up & got a mini box for 5 dollars. I wanted to do the drink upgrade, but we just did the 5 dollars for this month. Darn bills, lol!

  4. That’s awesome that this company reached out to you! 🙂🙂 I’m going to need a 2nd job, just so I can afford all these boxes. 😂😂😂 I really like Cadbury’s, but I’m not a fan of Flake bars. Our Wegman’s has them in their little international candy bar section. P.S. I knew there would be wafers! 😂😂😂

  5. My hubby and I decide to start shopping around for different homebound experiences and we subscribed to Family size Snack Crate and because of this review we just signed up to Try My Snacks today!! So excited to start this adventure! Cheerio

  6. I finally subscribe to the Munchpak Box and should be receiving it any day. Thank you for doing your Unboxings. This was a really Good box that you tried today.

  7. It looked like a fun box. Congratulations on being one of the firsts to try it. 👏. Yum you made me want to try the flake chocolate and coffee candy! 😋

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