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MEAL PREP | 9 ingredients for flexible, healthy recipes

My long awaited meal prep video is here! I do meal prep different than most because I prep ingredients over full meals for greater variety and flexibility in my …

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  1. Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this healthy meal prep video. If you've been watching my Instagram stories you'll see that I've been enjoying this fruits of this meal prep for the last week. Ha! And combining a few items with an upcoming salmon recipe. So yum! If you'd like to see more meal prep videos in the future, let me know in the comments below. Happy Wednesday! xo – Lisa

  2. Super informative!
    Would love if there was some text overlaying with your verbal tips and directions!

  3. I loved this video! I would I’ve to see more recipes with different veggies and protein. And maybe a dessert?

  4. One hack we do to conserve gas is boiling the egg with the rice and just adding more water.

  5. Don't know how i found you but so glad I did. Thank you for how precise and simply you made it look. I can't wait to try your humus recipe, and look the prep b4 idea for the week, everything looks so good…(okay the soft eggs maybe not so much) but thank you again, for your very professional presentation. God bless.

  6. Glad I came across this. Informative, simple, heathy, and she does it so I’m not eating the same thing every day. Perfect!

  7. I must confess this is for me the best ever easy not to complicated just what i was looking for, shame i dont have the machine for the noodles😊 I need too know how to do that butter

  8. Hey Lisa, lovely video. Just wanted advice on how long will the items keep in the fridge and in the freezer. I really have been planning on meal preps to save money on take outs and dine outs, hence asking.

  9. One thing. Use turmeric in chicken dish. It increases your immunity., fighting against cancer cells. Very good for weight loss.

  10. Well, you made meal prep really simple… I really like your ideas quick and easy so you're not spending your weekend in the kitchen!! 🙋🏻💛✨😉✨👍🏻

  11. Why the glass container that snap shut, I have never seen them before? I have snap shut containers that are plastic, which keep my veg etc a good week in the frig? What is the difference?

  12. If you slice a piece off the side of a sweet potato or any round veg you can lay it on the flat side then, and it makes it easier to slice, and it won’t keep trying to tip over.

  13. That was such a great video 🙂 Thank you for sharing and taking us through the steps to meal plan. I am definitely looking forward to trying some of these recipes

  14. Hi Ma’am,
    Thank you, it’s a very useful video.
    Could you make a video about time management or saving time?

  15. I'm in love with all your tips, I'm not a really good cook and this ideas are all that I need for my work lunch. I'm so happy to saw this video. Thanks a lot!! 💛💛💛💛

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